Gallbladders and becoming overweight.

Posted on March 7, 2012


Last Wednesday I went to work and had some serious pain, just like before, and I figured I was passing a gallstone.  I was right, I was.  It got so bad I had to stop working, although I’ve pushed through before.  I eventually found myself huddled in a meeting room, with the store manager, HR and the sales manager watching me.  Super embarrassing.  I think they just didn’t want me there in pain and embarrassing myself anymore, so they called for an ambulance.  The ambulance only took 35 minutes, although they warned me it could be up to an hour.  So, I walked through my very busy store, huffing something that was making me laugh, with a paramedic pushing the other in the wheelchair they had with them, in a scene that I imagine was pretty funny in hindsight.  

When I got the ER, I was given some mild painkillers, palpated (the first time of many over the next three days!) and had some blood taken (again, that happened a few times).  My pain passed just after I got to the ER, which was nice but a little embarrassing.  After some serious waiting, my amazing housemate GG arriving, and some interesting moments in the ER, I was moved to short stay and told to settle in; I had abnormal liver function and had to spend the night in the ER’s short stay.  Not a very restful night.  

Eventually, I was moved to a day treatment centre – kind of a waiting bay for a ward bed – and told not to eat or drink anything.  Then, with a diagnosis of pancreatitis, I was moved to the ward.  After two days of nil by mouth, then some soup, then nil by mouth again, I had my surgery.  Scary, but very easy. 

I’m so glad it’s over, that it’s out, and that I’m alright.  Still recovering, but I’ve been very very well looked after by mum and GG.  

After all this, with no exercise, at all, I weighed in this morning at 83.0kg, which means I’M OVERWEIGHT.  Goodbye obesity! Yay. Very happy with that. Also really happy I still lost 1.6kg even though I was in hospital most of the week, and haven’t been able to exercise for the rest.



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