Double classes and anticipation

Posted on January 12, 2012


I’m so close the the 80s. Today the scales said 90.2. I’m a little frustrated, but I know it will happen when it happens. I just weigh myself too often I suppose. Probably a habit I should try to break. I really can’t wait. Saying goodbye to the 90s will feel good. Saying goodbye to the 110s, and the 100s certainly was.

I’m still struggling to see a change in myself. Sometimes I’m amazed by some body parts. My knees most of all. Haha! I just wish I could see it. 26kg should be more obvious to me than it is maybe. Still really don’t think much of my body. Hopefully it’ll all get better if I stick with it.

Last night meant a step/pump double with my hugely inspiring and supportive mum (read her blog at Lots of fun. It’s funny, how our lives have changed. Once upon a time we bonded over dip and cheese plates, now it’s the gym or a skinny latte and a cup of tea.
It was a really good workout too! I burned some killer calories.


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